Who We Are

Audio Enhancement® was founded in 1978 by Claudia Anderson with the simple idea that “learning begins with hearing”. The mother of two hearing impaired children, Anderson wanted to provide them with the best education possible. With her first systems designed specifically for the benefit of her children, she realized that the enhanced audio helped all the students in the classroom. This realization led her to develop a whole classroom audio solution that could benefit all students.

Today, the Anderson family continues to own and operate Audio Enhancement. Audio Enhancement products improve student achievement, decrease teacher vocal fatigue and absenteeism, influence positive student behavior and increase focus, attention, and classroom management. Audio Enhancement is the industry leader in infrared microphone technology. Infrared systems provide many advantages over RF systems, including the elimination of interference between classrooms and limitations on the number of available channels. Today, Audio Enhancement, Inc. continues to lead the industry with new and innovative solutions.

Audio Enhancement pioneered the development of IR (infrared) microphone technology which provides the classroom with the audio enhancement concept without the concerns of interference and number of available channels that were ever present with the radio based systems. Today that technology continues to be advanced with new and exciting partnerships.

School officials clearly understand the concept of “learning begins with hearing” and have called upon Audio Enhancement to provide this benefit.

How The SAFE System Came to Be

When it comes to safety, planning is everything. Audio Enhancement’s innovative approach to design has always combined solid strategic planning with a team who understands the value of listening to and understanding our customers’ needs. Nothing demonstrates these principles in action better than the SAFE System. The SAFE System was a strategic evolution of Audio Enhancement’s successful educational audio system. Powered by cutting-edge technology, this unique microphone and audio package transformed classrooms across the country. This, however, was just the beginning. Eager to learn what needs were not being met by current technology, we turned to educators.

Listen to Jeff Anderson, CEO of Audio Enhancement, speak about the beginnings of The SAFE System.

As we met with administrators, school board members, and superintendents to explain the benefits of quality Audio enhancement within the classroom, many of them requested that a silent alarm feature be built into the microphone. As we explored deeper, it became very evident that for the safety of both students and teachers, this silent alarm feature needed to be implemented. Thus, we created the revolutionary product known as the SAFE System.