Hardware Overview

The SAFE System is an alert notification system designed to work with Audio Enhancement’s classroom systems. Using the built-in alert button on the transmitter, a teacher wearing the pendant microphone can discreetly send a signal for help. An entire network is alerted to respond promptly and appropriately to the situation. The SAFE System consists of a receiver/amplifier unit, teardrop microphone, Monitoring Station, and either a Network Adapter or a security camera. It can be customized to process alert notifications according to each specific school district policy. Below is a demonstration of how the components of the system work together to alert the appropriate people in an emergency situation.
Press the microphone to begin.
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The SAFE System was created in response to a need expressed by professionals in the field. There are many different options to suit the needs of each school. For more information, watch the video below.

For more information about each of the different products used to implement the SAFE System, please visit the Critical Components page.