Joseph Haynes, Former Superintendent of Greenville Public Schools, MS

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“When I saw the SAFE System in action, it blew me away. This is the most cost effective solution to provide student safety. Every school needs one of these!”

Joe Allen Haynes, former Superintendent of Greenville Public School District, has worked with numerous school districts and universities in Mississippi, including Holmes County School District, Jackson Public Schools, and Jackson State University. From 1999 to 2001, Mr. Haynes served as the Associated Superintendent of Leadership and Operations at the Mississippi State Department of Education. He continues to lend his expertise to Hazelhurst School District as a Conservator. Mr. Haynes has been the Executive Director at Jobs for Mississippi Graduates, Inc. since 2001. He also has a long history of working with the National Football Leagues as an Official – Line Judge, and he continues as an NFL College and University Talent Scout for Prospective NFL Game Officials. Mr. Haynes is a member of the National Alliance Black School Educators (NASBE), American Association of School Administrators (AASA), Mississippi Association of School Administrators (MASA), and Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD).

Michael Dorn, Executive Director of Safe Havens International

“Though our non-profit center never accepts compensation for mentioning a product or service, we do let people know when we see a good consultant, trainer or other security product that we feel will make the schools we serve safer. Safe Havens has assisted in school safety, security, climate, culture and emergency preparedness assessments for more than 2,000 public and non-public schools. In our work, we have found that the ability of school staff to communicate are crucial aspects of school safety and emergency preparedness.

Audio Enhancement has developed school safety, security and emergency preparedness technology solutions that not only offer the benefits of improving the ability of teachers to teach and students to learn but can help reduce danger to students and staff. The solutions they have developed can be extremely helpful for situations involving irate, intoxicated, violent or emotionally troubled individuals, weapons situations, medical emergencies and a host of other situations. The solutions they offer are practical and valuable tools for today’s school officials. When seconds count, the ability to communicate quickly and effectively can save lives.”

Michael Dorn, Executive Director of Safe Havens International is a leading international non-profit school safety center and author of 26 books on school safety. Michael can be reached at www.safehavensinternational.org

Dr. William “Rob” Roberts, Former Superintendent of Nye County School District, Lt. Col US Army (retired) Combat Veteran

“When a child goes out that door in the morning, every parent’s greatest fear is they may not return! Student safety is the primary mission for every school Superintendent. The SAFE System is THE single greatest use of school district funds to ensure that each and every student comes back through that door at home each night! I wish EVERY CLASSROOM IN THE NATION had The SAFE System.” (About Dr. Robert)

Karen Whetsell, Former Principal Don Estridge High Tech Middle School, FL

“When I heard that there was a security feature added to the audio system, I said, ‘I’m in’. That is an incredible advantage for a classroom teacher. They don’t have to worry about where the button is, to look for it if something happens in the room. It’s a very quick one click of the button, it’s very quiet. Nobody knows that they’re really doing it. So it doesn’t escalate a situation that’s taking place in the classroom and it gets somebody there in time.”

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James P. Kelly, Chief of Police – Palm Beach County School District, FL

“Well the SAFE system technology is something we’ve been looking for for years actually. It’s important to have a quick response time so that you can keep situations from escalating on a campus.”

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Joseph Sanches, Chief of Facilities Management – Palm Beach County School District, FL

“There’s all kinds of incidents that can happen in schools, whether stabbings or shootings, and it’s important that the teachers have the tools in their hands to be able to notify the back office as quickly as possible.”

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Dr. Carolyn Warner, Former Superintendent of Public Instruction, AZ

“Simply pressing the button would activate the camera so that perhaps my life, perhaps my students’ lives, whatever the situations, might be enhanced, improved, saved – by virtue of the fact that the office can see what’s happening.”

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Dr. Bob Fortenberry, Former Superintendent – Jackson, MS

“We need to assure parents and students that they’re safe at our schools and we need to use whatever we need, the technology that exists to keep the students safe.”

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Dr. Mike Walters, President – JBHM Education Group

“I’ve seen the role of security change pretty dramatically in the last 40 years. Obviously the issues that we’re facing in our country today are quite different from when I started in education and they’re more and more troublesome every year.”

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Ronald Rinehart, Science Teacher – Don Estridge High Tech Middle School, FL

“Response time is critical and good response time is the key to keeping innocent by-standers from being in harm’s way.”

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Joe Csira, World Cultures Teacher – Don Estridge High Tech Middle School, FL

“The simplicity of use with the emergency button is a big plus, especially if I was working at a school that had high incidents of violence or medical issues.”

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Barry Newbold, Superintendent – Jordan School District, UT

“Incorporating the SAFE system allows for some flexibility in adapting within a classroom or within a school…”

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